BULK or Cut please help.

  1. BULK or Cut please help.

    Ok i really need help idk wat to do now..

    Ok guys here i m kinda clue less after doing soo much reading and stuff. so i m asking for your opinions. I am a decent lifter. took weight training in hs for couple semster never took it serious though.

    Weight- 168lbs
    height- 5'8"
    bodyfat- unknown
    bench press- 175 (summer 2011)
    Squats 225x5(summer 2011)

    I just started college and want to leave back my skinny wrist and bicep behind. I wan to be atleast 180-190 by January 1 2012. I have all da acces to gym and food now so i dont have any excuse. only excuse i have is my bad genes.

    what do you guys think i should do. people consider me as skinny fat. but i used to think i am a hard gainer. i started following this work out few weeks ago following the diet and workouts and everything. bodybuilding.com/fun/hardgainer-muscle-building-3-training

    I hope no one gets offended by my pics i upload.

    thank you. please suggest me workout program or weather i should bulk or jusst focus on making muscles.

    here are the pictures...
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  2. In my opinion I think you should try and go for a clean bulk. It's not really realistic to think that you'll gain 15-20 pounds in 2 1/2 months naturally. I say naturally because I definitely don't think you should worry about cycling anything for a while until your diet and training are on point. Train heavy weight, low rep 5-8. Do heavy squats, deadlifts, and bench. Bust your ass every time you hit the gym. Consistency is key!

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