I'm a 27 yo male. 6'3 270lbs. I cut down to 195lbs a couple of years ago, but then got married/lazy. A friend opened a gym, so I've been back into it lately. I wanted to get some input on how my plan is as I've been doing it for a couple weeks now.

Monday - Shoulders
Tuesday - Arms
Wednesday - Back
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Chest
Saturday - Off
Sunday - Start Over with Shoulders


7 Egg Beaters 3 turkey sausage links

9:30 Cottage Cheese and some Blueberries

12:30 Can of tuna on multi grain with relish

2:30 1/2 turkey sandwich on multi grain

4:30 Pre workout shake

6:00 Post Workout Shake

7:30 Chicken breast and peppers

This is on a good day. M-F is easy

Any input would be appreciated. What should I be doing differently? Heart attacks run in the family and I would like to get healthy.