The biggest disservice I've done myself.

  1. The biggest disservice I've done myself.

    I will admit I unfortunately made it twenty-four years without eating a sweet potato. OMG! These things are F-ing delicious! They have a low glycemic index, anti-inflammatory properties, and a boat load of vitamins and minerals. Sweet potatoes are truly a super food. I've been looking at various diet plans on bodybuilding com besides lean protein there is almost always a common item on every list. The majority can't be wrong, right? Nutritionally speaking that is. I decided to give the super tubers a try. They are rich, tasty, and very filling. Whether weight loss is your goal or not I recommend working sweet potatoes into your diet. You will not regret it. For more information on the nutrient makeup of sweet potatoes or any other food check out this link below. nutritiondata.self com

  2. Unfortunately for me, I despise the way they taste. This sucks because I know they should be a staple in everybody's diet. My friend introduced me to Alexia spicy chipotle sweet potato fries which I love, I just put hot sauce all over them. I suggest everyone try them if they don't like sweet potatos.

  3. Same here! 30 years, and I always hated the way they smelled when mom cooked 'em. Finally gave them a try and WOW. Great mid-day snack, very filling, and even tame the sweet tooth a little. I find that the lighter-colored, more yellow looking ones are more like a regular potato than the dark orange ones. They both taste great though!

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