new to this site, help me i hve a ?

  1. Question new to this site, help me i hve a ?

    ok so i am new to this site and have few questions, not sure if i am askin in the ryt place but i need to loose wieght, so i wnt to buy winstrol but i am on anti depressant and anti anxiety, i take faverin 100 and espiride 50mg and wana know if winstrol will be okay to take aswell

    winstrol will mke me loose wieght and get bigger muscles right?

  2. OK, I was browsing AM app while taking care of business in the restroom and I ran by your post. I just couldn't resist not responding to it!
    Few issues i found here:

    1) You are talking about a controlled substance in the nutrition forum. If you wish to talk about steroids, go to the anabolic section.
    2) You gave no detail about your stats, diet, workout experience or any useful information in general.
    3) takin like dis wil git ur nowhe un dis phorum! Tits or GTFO.
    4) see 1-4

    If you'd like some constructive criticism, post your stats, workout history, and goals, and maybe you will get an intelligent response, people around here are very knowledgeable and will help you if you show that you are respectful and do your research.

  3. dont be such a dik, i have no idea how this site works but thank u /b/tard

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