Turning 4 pack into a 6 pack

  1. Turning 4 pack into a 6 pack

    Hey eveyone, Ive been working out for 4 years and i recently cut down to 175 from 190. I look like im 200 ish pounds. I am havinf trouble turning my 4 pack into a 6 pack. Ive never had one before and i just feal that if i take something i would be able to maintain it. I saw
    Suppress-C and i was wondering if i should use this or something else. Thanks everyone !

  2. Try the power of friendship. But seriously just diet harder and longer.

  3. Purely diet bro... Abs are made in the kitchen not the gym. stick to raw foods and eat clean for 6-8 weeks. No cheating. It can get tricky once you drop to 12%. At that time I have to do cardio at least 3 days a week to drop the last 2-3%. Dont worry about the scale and fous on intesitiy and diet.

  4. Drop grains dairy and legumes for 30 days. See then how you look feel and perform. May reduce lower ab "bloat" look
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