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These 2 pics are of my progress, i do a modified version of ckd...every 5th day I do a half carb load
Age 23
Height 63 inches
Current Weight 140 9%bf
Starting weight 140 11%bf

Workout 2 on 1off,1 on 1off repeat
Chest/ back- bench, fly with1 drop, pushups to failure, barbell row, chinups to failureo
Hams/quads/flexors- deads, behind back wrist curl, leg press
Arms/extensors- curl superset dips, reverse curl, tricep stretch extensions to failure, close chambered pullups to failure
Cardio-upperbody day I did circuts of 1 min jump rope followed by 30 secs of speed rope followed by 25 log jumps each side, started at 4 circuts and the gaines stopped at 10 circuts
Lowerbody- always 20minutes of normal speed jump rope in a 1 min on, 1 min off fashion
Off days- always 2 hrs or walking outside usually turns out about 7 miles

I have stalled for about almost 3 weeks, I am curently deloading and taking a week and half off and eating matienence lil under 2500 cals

My question is should I go back to ckd or slowlly lower calories, also I was thinking on using lyle McDonald's stubborn fatloss cardio protocols, BTW my goal is 7% bf