HIIT vs. Interval Training vs. LISS

  1. HIIT vs. Interval Training vs. LISS

    Ok, so i'm on the LeanGains diet and loving it btw, and my basic rundown of cardio goes on non training days i'll do 20-30 minutes of either jumping rope or treadmill jogging (LISS). Then on workout days, three days per week typically, i'll do HIIT in the evenings, which for me has been a slight incline on the treadmill, 3 minute warm up, followed by 45 seconds at 12, then 60 seconds at 5, until I hit about 15 minutes, then cool down for 3-5 minutes.
    Ive just recently been told that that is not a true HIIT workout, that no true HIIT workout would last longer than 10 minutes max. They then told me that something following the Tabata protocol is a true HIIT workout.
    My question is not only if that is true, but is there really a difference in which one actually burns more fat? I'm familiar with the science backing up HIIT about how it increases your resting metabolism for up to and sometimes beyond 24 PWO, whereas LISS only increases your metabolism during the workout, but slows it down afterwards. Is all of that really true?

  2. Was going to reply with a yes but thought I should exPlain. HIIT is great and it's received a lot of press to say the least. But it's a myth that it increases your metabolic rate for 24h or more. It does provide with an elevaTed metabolic state compared to LISS and you will burn calories all day. Only doing something as intense as a marathon will elevate your metabolism for 24h and beyond. GL

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