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    Hey guys/gals I really need sum advice. Over the past few years I've lost about 100lbs. Since then I have become a full-time cycling instructor (7-8 classes/week) and I also lift 2-3 times a week. But I do have 30lbs more to lose but it is extremely difficult at this point. So I'm guessing it's my nutrition bc workout wise I think I'm ok. Any advice? I have heard everything from eat more carbs to eat 2,000 cals a day. To say the least I'm very confused. What used to work for me...limiting longer works and the minute I's a wrap. No energy to teach, extremely sore etc. Thanks for any help!!!

  2. Sounds like your on the verge of overtraining and overreaching now.If your health is good then i'd diffenently say your overtraining ,have you had a rest day?It usally takes me one or two of them before i get some pep back,but my training/job is very intense.
    Check your h/r in the morning and post training/teaching and see if theres any difference for a coulple days if so you need to back off,and don't try to eat your way out of it damage is done eat clean don't drop cals,do active recovery(light jogging,streching,low impact stuff)

  3. My average AM HR is 55-60. Health is good. Honestly I don't get low energy or feel like crap unless I cut back my carbs or dont eat on time. Just not sure 1. How many I should carbs b eating 2. how many cals can I eat AND still lose weight.

  4. Im the same way with meal timing and carbs so meal timing does help some of us,your h/r is kinda high buddy,mine is always around 40-43 in rhe morning depending on training day before(deadlifts,squats 43)after rest day 39 or 40bpm.
    I'd like to tell how many to eat but really not sure mine is different everyday with training some days there 200 and go up to 300 on weight training days and a whooper of 500 on a re feed day,im leaning out alright down to 6% doing this.
    I'd try upping carbs i guess on days your really active say around 275 or so to start and see/feel how that goes.
    But diffently tale a full blown rest day then check your mrh.

  5. Ok will do. Guess I just gotta stop being afraid of It's hard after YEARS of looking at them as the

  6. Low carbs + High intensity cardio ( cyclng )+ workouts= No go

    Low carb diets excell in the area of low intensity cardio and weight training. Id say up the carbs and adjust accordingly, never adding more then 20gms of carbs to a meal at one specific time, also have your carbs in the am or around your workouts, this should definitely help too.

    Good luck.
    E-Pharm Rep... PM me with any questions or concerns

  7. I'd would start upping carbs depending on how many meals your taking in say if 6 by adding 5g to the first 4 meals.
    Thats a good starting point i know it doesn't sound like alot but it helped me alot(also added fat to my last 2)and i only do this on my days i train and work.

  8. When you say you were "low carb", how low were you?

    And no, carbs are not the enemy and you don't have to fear them. None of the macros themselves should be feared. If you were full blown keto before with 0 carbs I would say up it to around 100g. Have yourself two servings of fruit a day and about 60g-ish carbs worth of some potatoes.

    As for how many calories, well only you can answer that question. There are fancy calorie calculators available online but at the end of the day it boils down to what works for you. You might be fine at 2500 calories or might need 2000 calories, hell I have seen people cut on 3000+ calories. It is about energy in vs energy out. Start tracking your food and training and look at the mirror on a weekly basis and see where it is you start noticing composition changes and that is where you want to be calorie wise.

    Best of luck
    "The only good is knowledge and the only evil is ignorance." - Socrates

  9. Thanks guys. This week I'm going to work on increasing my carbs!

  10. i believe that exercises + foods both having strong relation ... For example , if u have good diet plan but you are not doing any exercise then it wont gona help u ... i think u already exercises preety good . Just get a healthy diet plan .


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