Perfect Cutting Plan with 1 Question. Anavar Caloric intake: CR or Maintenance? Help

  1. Perfect Cutting Plan with 1 Question. Anavar Caloric intake: CR or Maintenance? Help

    My Ultimate Cutting plan with one outstanding question.

    Goal: See bottom Abs with minimal muscle loss, no permanent damage, no injuries. (Go From roughly 9% BF to roughly 6%. ) Some muscle loss will be tolerated (expected) to get down to 6%.

    Plan Abbreviated Version- Strength Training 4x wk, Cardio 3x week, 300 Kcal Day Deficit, 40-50mg Anavar ED, for 6 weeks.

    Restrictions- I won't pin Test for this cycle, and I won't cut out my cardio.

    My question for the forum is: Should I be eating at or below my calculated maintenance to achieve this goal?????
    First-hand experience is preferred,
    Second-hand experience is welcome,
    Wild Conjecture is entertaining so feel free to add.

    Below Is amplifying info regarding stats, training, diet, in case anyone cares.

    ______________________________ ______________________________ ______________________________ _

    My Stats:
    Age: 34
    Height: 6’0
    Weight: 176
    Body type: endomorph
    Current Bench 1RM ~ 280
    Current Squat 1RM ~ 315
    Current DL 1RM ~ 385
    BF ~ 9%
    Previous AAS/PH Cycles: 2, Currently on E/C Stack.
    Previous Workout Experience: High School Football, 2 years serious weight lifting, I took about 2 years off, and now I’ve been working out 4-7 days a week every day for 2 years. I track every calorie that goes into my body, and I track pound I lift, and take measurements once a week.

    Other Supps:
    Multi-Vitamin, Creatine 10 G day, 1 TBS EFA, Glucosamine, BCAA’s on Cardio Days.

    Nutritional goals:
    1-1.5 Gallons of Water a day

    Daily: ~240 Grams Protein = 950 Cals

    ~230 Grams Carbs = 900 Cals
    ~70 Grams Fat = 660
    Total Cals= 2500 cals ~40/35/25

    Focus is compound exercises. Workout in the AM with an expected duration of 60-90 minutes.

    Day 1: Back/Bi’s Rear Delts

    Day 2: Legs and Sprints

    Day3: Shoulders/Tri’s Abs

    Day 4: Deads and 45 mins HIIT

    Day 5: Chest

    Day 6: 1 Hour Steady State Cardio (I know I’ll catch hate for this one)

    Day 7: Rest
    Day 8: Repeat Day 1

    Nolva 30/20/10/10
    Cycle Support,
    Himalayan Liver Care

    The items I have questions about are:
    1. I have found my Maintenance to be about 2800 Cals @ this weight & AMR, on a Var only cycle should I be eating at or below maintenance to get as lean as possible? How much above or below maintenance?
    2. Am I missing anything?

    Save your time If your advice is to:
    1. Add Test.
    2. Quit wasting your time with oral only cycles
    3. Use Midol for PCT since it is a Var only cycle

    Any other helpful questions/comments/criticism are welcome.

  2. I'm interested in seeing the replies.

  3. Quote Originally Posted by hajisan View Post
    I'm interested in seeing the replies.
    Me too. I have tried searching everywhere for the answer. It seems like their is a little bit of a divide, some people say you won't gain any fat eating at maintenance. If I don't get any solid responses I think I will start at maintenance for the first 3 weeks, and if I don't like my results I'll cut the cals by 500 for the last 3 weeks.

  4. Nothing eh? Alright, going to start at Maintenance -200 cals and go from there.

  5. I think -200 is a good start and I like your plan. The only thing I would add would be carb cycling to your diet. I've heard the perfect fat burning diet is where you carb cycle and do -100 a day. I've never been able to be that precise with my diet, which is why I'm going to do a var cycle soon. Please post you results here. I'm very interested to see how it works for you.

  6. Don't be all in a up roar if you don't see your bottom ab's as much as you'd like at 6%.
    Thought i'd look like one of those guys in mags at%,don't get me wrong there there and i can feel them them very well,also i got a good bit of hair that hinders them from showing more too.
    Im working on 5%now hope im already there or by tuesday morning,If i flex them alittle they show really good,best i can see them is after some swiss ball cable crunchs,


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