Cardio before or after lifting during cutting cycle?

  1. Cardio before or after lifting during cutting cycle?

    After putting on roughly 40lbs over the past 5 months I am starting to move into a cutting phase. I have never really cut seriously before but I plan a serious change in diet and the addition of significant amounts of cardio. When I say this I mean that I haven't cut correctly... I have been running after lifting except on squat/leg day and I have noted a slight decrease in both energy in the gym and strength. I am concerned that redistributing my blood flow significantly away from the muscles that I've just worked may have detrimental effects on the utilization of my postworkout nutrition. Should I space my cardio out either significantly before or after I lift so that I can dedicate more time to recovering the body parts that were just worked? I react very quickly when I drastically change the amount of cardio I do and this usually comes through loss in overall muscle mass as well as significant losses in strength. I just want to make sure that the work I've put in putting on weight and strength over the past five months won't be lost as they have been in the past. Any suggestions? Thanks.

  2. If you feel adding cardio in conjunction with strength training either before or after is too taxing try spacing the two by at least 3 hours and ensure you get good pre/post workout nutrition.
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