What should my calorie range be for Anabolic Diet approach ....

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    What should my calorie range be for Anabolic Diet approach ....

    Have been on it for about a month ... not sure if I'm doing it right ... only lost 2pds . I am female and normally lose weight very slowly ... according to calculations, my maintenance calories are around 1650 (I'm short & petite frame). Since I am now doing Anabolic Diet approach ... i've read that calorie range should be body weight multiplied by 15 - 19. My body weight is 142 (goal wt around 115-118) so that would give me a calorie range of 2130 - 2698. Most days my calories are 1900 - 2100. First off, I can't believe that I'm not actually gaining weight with this approach (great!) and great that I can have cheat days (cycle usually 3 low days / 1 high carb day). However, still not losing much at all now. I do circuit style weight training 2-3days then have at least 1 heavy day. I'm thinking I have to adjust my calories? and add more cardio ... any advice welcome. thanks

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    I would drop a few more calories from your daily intake
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