great bulking meal for ecto

  1. great bulking meal for ecto

    lately i've been eating a lot of sandwiches, so i decided to add up the calorie and protein content of one of my sandwiches and a glass of milk.

    my sandwich:

    2 slices oroweat bread

    approx. 2 tblspoons miracle whip (i know a lot of people arent a fan of this)

    21 slices Carl Buddig Turkey (not as much as it sounds)

    2 slices kraft american cheese (once again, not a favorite of many)

    1.5 cups 2% milk


    it added up to 980 calories, and 66 g protein. it also has quite a bit of fat in it, so if u would rather go the healthy route and get fresh meat and cheese, leave out the mayo, and drink skim milk, im sure it would still be pretty high in calories and protein. as for me, i dont really need to worry about fats too much, so i stick with this. as an added benefit, this meal isnt even that filling. dont get me wrong, it will tide u over till ur next meal, but it wont make u feel really full.

  2. For me I would drop the processed Turkey (probably full of fillers) and go with a full turkey breast, use whipped dressing instead of mayo (less fat), use partial skimmed cheese and a whey protein shake instaed of the milk. Otherwise good meal.

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