find a good way to lost weight

  1. find a good way to lost weight

    I have tried to lost weight many times, but it is really very easy to say but hard to do, both the dieting and excersing I have tried, although they are useful, I can't insist, so there maynot obvious results, I am so worried how I can get the way to lost weight ????? so is there anyone has the good ways, could you share it with me

  2. First diet is the key=complex carbs(brown rice,sweet potatoes,oats)lean protein=skinless chicken breast,tuna,turkey and healthy fats=salmon(wild)almonds,cocon ut,avocados and knowing how many cals you need is were to start its called clean eating.
    Tell us more about yourself so we know were to start to help you.

  3. Get a p.t lol they will help

  4. you need to pick out a plan and stick with it. Its easy to put on 10lb in a month, make tons of sh!tty eating choices. Now losing 10lb in a month is a different story. It takes dedication, effort, blood, sweat and tears. Low carb, low cal, whatever, tons of options out there but all of the will fail if you do not stick to one and make it happen.

  5. I have been eating healthy diet these months. I am eating salad twice a day. Usually I put about 7~10 different veges at a time. They are declared organic food so they should be cleaner and healthier. Beside this, I drink lots of water everyday and take spirulina twice a day. Now I look thinner but healthier. I even have not had allegy lately. Try it!



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