need help with cutting cycle

  1. need help with cutting cycle

    Need to know how many carbs to take in and calories ... Weigh 195 5' 8' 28 yrs old.. Wanna get cut

  2. Multiply your body weight by 10 to get calories for a cut. Carbs can be any percentage as long as they fall within caloric range.
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  3. 0 carbs
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  4. What kind of carbs should I be taking bread rice and dairy right? I'm taking a protein shake with 50g protein 6 carbs 260 to keep my muscle take in 200g protein a day? 4 shakes a day and what...oatmeal green veggies and fruit?

  5. Also 30 min cardio on bike or treadmill at a high incline 3 times a week is that enough?

  6. Typically I start with about bodyweight times 12-13, drop carbs completely, and take it from there. Once your progress begins to slow then lower calories further, but always start high enough to give yourself room for adjustment. The minute amount of carbs that's in a protein shake is fine as long as you're not relying on that for your main source of food. Every 4th or 5th day have a refeed meal if you choose to do low carb, not only does it make things psychologically easier, but in my experience it seems to keep things from stalling.

    If your lifestyle is pretty sedentary then I would consider adding in a low intensity form of cardio 3-4x a week, otherwise stick to the weights.
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