please critique my diet

  1. please critique my diet

    hey guys, looking for some input on the diet i've been eating. not sure about numbers in terms of grams of protein/carbs/fats or even calories, just going by the mirror and how i feel pretty much. stats are 5'8" @ 225 pounds 10% bf.

    -10:00 am - 1 scoop whey + 1 scoop egg protein + oats + flax

    -12:30 pm - 6 ounces fish + 2.5 ounces sweet potato + 3 servings spinach

    -03:00 pm - 6 ounces chicken + 2.5 ounces sweet potato + 8 ounces skim milk

    -04:30 pm - Workout (weights for an hour + 25 minutes cardio)

    -06:00 pm - 40g dextrose + 10g creatin + 10g glutamine + BCAAs (using insulin right now that's why my shakes are set up like this)

    -06:20 pm - 75g whey protein

    -07:30 pm - 6 ounces chicken + 1/2 cup oats + 20g whey + 3 servings spinach

    -09:30 pm - 6 ounces fish + 3 servings spinach

    -12:00 am - 2 servings cottage cheese + 1 tbsp flax + 25g casein protein

    ******so that's my diet and the times i'm eating everything.

  2. Your diet looks pretty stellar bro. Thats probably why you haven't had any critiques. Good lean food choices with carb spike and fast digesting protein after workout, as well as the cottage cheese and casein pre-bedtime, you've outline a good meal plan.
    ~ Nothing can kill the Grimace!!


  3. Better than my diet. Why no protein in the immediate post-wo shake? Not a critique, just a question.

  4. Your diet looks pretty good. You may want to look into adding up the cals and values. That way if you need to drop or add, you know how much you're doing it by. All I could suggest is, maybe switching your breakfast around with some egg whites w/ dry toast or oatmeal, so it feels like you're getting real food into your stomach. Other than that, looks good.

    If you need a food calculator, has a good one. That's about all I use that site for.

  5. i've thought about eating egg whites in the morning instead of that shake of mine, but i would have to eat a **** load of egg whites to get that much protein that's in my shakes. AND... when i first wake up in the morning, i'm barely movin. all i wanna do is take some scoops, push a button, and enjoy.

    the reason for no protein right after workout with the dextrose is because i'm using insulin right now. i've just gotten some pretty good advice on times to take my protein after using insulin and i'm gonna try it and see how it works. thanks guys

  6. Just one little thing I noticed - 10g of creatine - you really don't need to use all that at once since your body can't absorb that much in one go.


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