What to do before morning cardio?

  1. What to do before morning cardio?

    To get maximum fatburning and minimise muscle catabolism during morning cardio I have collect the best tips I have get my hands on so far... Any input is higly welcome...

    1: Drink a huge portion water! If you are dehydrated your bloodflow will be slower, and the transport of free fat acid to your musclecells will go slower. That leads to slower fatburning as result. If its hot utside you should take some wather with you and drink during the morning walk.

    2: Drink 2 coops of coffe about 30 min before the morning walk. That`s becourse the coffein from the coffe is increasing release of fat from fatcellcs. The results is more effective fatburning.

    3: Consum ap: 20 gram of protein about 30 min before the morning cardio. The protein source can come from fish or egg hvite. Or you can just use a protein powder if you want to do it as simple as posible. The best protein powder to use her is whey or soya protein.. These have some good benefits for you that wishes to go down in weight. The reason to use protein before morning cardio is that it gives fuel to citruscycle (atp) witch will stimulate fatburning.. In the same time the protein increases glucagon, witch will release fat from fatcells. And at last the protein seems to be anticatabolic witch is a good thing when you dont want to loose muscle mass when dieting.

    Direct after morning cardio its time for a low to no carb breakfast and daily dose of vitamins and so on....

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