Jack3d and optimum nutrition whey gold standard

  1. Jack3d and optimum nutrition whey gold standard

    Let me start by saying I LOVE jack3d,its awesome,ive convinced so many people to change their preworkouts and go with jack3d and they have became believers.. Ive gladly given out tubs of jack3d to convince them.. Now my goal is to cut body fat and build muscle,so im thinking Jack3d pwo and whey protein post workout. Would gold standard be good for this with jack3d?

  2. Well protein is protein, seperate companys protein aren't gonna make you more bulkier, or more cut, it's just gonna promote muscle growth either way.

    As for Jack3d, i never liked the stuff, no real concentration, just increased heart rate.
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  3. I liked the original jack3d, the one with Schizandrol A, but i built a tolerance so fast. I give it a 6/10 just because long term use isnt extraordinary and its kinda just hype.

    Neither one of these are really weight loss oriented items. Sure, they could aid in your goals for weight loss but that's not their primary function. ON Gold Standard can help you build muscle as it is dietary protein supplement and stimulate your metabolism.

    We all want to build muscle and burn fat. Pick one or the other. Unless your cycling anabolics, you cant do both at the same time.
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  4. If you like Jack3d, I recommend trying some WhiteFlood (watermelon flavor). To me, it's so much better.

    But protein is protein no matter what brand.

  5. save your money and stop buying Jacked. Buy the 1,3 dimethylamylamine in the store for way cheaper. Mix that with an asprin and cup of coffee b4 workout...perfect ECA stack, thats very affordable. ON Gold standard is of course very good, a lil expensive IMO. I go w Myofusion from the store, some of the flavors are $35.00/5lbs instead of $49.99. Hope this helps

  6. Jack3d is a great product for health-industry professionals, athletes or anyone looking to improve their workout to use as part of a robust exercise program. Jack3d is a nutritional supplement and its main ingredient is methylhexaneamine, a compound found in nature in the Geranium plant. You can find more information on it at mysupplementauthority.com!
    The extract is natural but the 1,3 dimethylamylamine in a synthetic compound made in the lab. It was the answer to the Ephedra ban.

  7. go with MTS whey, its the bees knees!


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