Video games aiding weight loss? playstation move, xbox kinect, wii ?

  1. Video games aiding weight loss? playstation move, xbox kinect, wii ?

    Pretty simple question, anyone incorporate any of the newer video games, playstation move, xbox kinect, wii into their training/fitness/weight loss routines? And please for the love of GOD, dont turn this into a mines better than yours discussion about whose console is better, please focus on the adding a gaming system workout to your fitness plan, have ya done it, have ya thought about it, do you know somebody who did it with sucess/failure, etc.
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  2. Can't honestly say I have tried these methods but I have had friends incorporate them into their routines with success as far as weight loss. Also I think it's a great way to get kids more active.

  3. I believe these systems could be used in this manner quite successfully.I don't know anyone who has tired this but it looks like a fun way to do it.

  4. Yoga on the Wii is fun, I want to buy the PlayStation set up and try that out.

  5. well it will occupy your time and hopefully would keep you form over eating at the very least?

  6. Yea right, I look down after playing black ops with my wife and find she at her and my food. LOL don't tell her I said that though

  7. Thanks for the comments and replys, I figured more people would have used these game systems for a little change of pace once in a while, oh well, I will be tossing in a few games from time to time just to keep things fresh.
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  8. Xbox kinect is the best for getting your full body in motion. Hell the free kids game that comes with it has me dripping sweat! The game requires running in place, doing drop downs, jumping over hurdles, jumping from side to side, swinging at things, etc.. I am literally moving all over my basement when I play that game.


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