So question.... It's about my favorite food? Is it a cheat or ok?

  1. So question.... It's about my favorite food? Is it a cheat or ok?

    I love frank and beans.... I made it tonight... Looking at the macros it doesn't seem all that bad.... Here was tue breakdown.....

    Beans- 29 carb 1 fat 6 protein.... 6 grams of fiber....

    Hotdogs 0 carb 6 protein 14 fat..

    I ate maybe one/two hotdogs and one serving of beans... So it came out to 18 protein 29 carb and 15 fat..... Not te greatest.... But doesn't look so bad.... What you all think...

    Now I am cutting but this wasn't alot of calories at all... The rest of my day was chicken, apples, and protein shakes...

  2. cut the hot gods, chicken and turkey dogs actually taste pretty decent and have twice the protein and 1/3rd the fat

  3. Great idea!!! Thanks so much!

  4. How many grams of sugar? The g of sugar are more important than the total carbohydrates IMO.

  5. 20g about

  6. If it fits into your calorie allotment then your good. Unless you are doing keto...


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