Little background on me: I'm 23, 6'0 currently 183 lbs. I started bulking around 20, until then I used to box amateur and never really cared much about muscle, as I floated around 152 (extremely low BF). Between my 20th birthday, and about a year ago, I shot up (from hardcore dieting and lifting) to about 197 pounds, I looked like a completely different person (about 19% BF though). Anyway, along the way, I realized my bulk wasn't exactly "clean", and I had gained some body fat along the way. 6 weeks ago I decided to cut, and start working on some definition. I do realize I didn't quite pack on a LOT of muscle, just overall mass, I still really want to trim down. I figure I can attempt a cleaner bulk later on if I desire ...

Here has been my routine:

Monday - Chest / Tri
Tuesday - Back / Bi
Wed - Cardio
Thursday - Legs
Friday - Shoulders / Traps
Saturday - Cardio

Basically, every single day except "Cardio" days, I do my lifting, and I try to do about 15-20 minutes of cardio afterwards. I alternate between riding my road bike, the elliptical, and the stationary bike (Miami can be a b* in july/august).

on Cardio days, I like to do a fasted cardio for about 30-35 minutes, typically low-medium intensity. I occasionally throw in an HIIT to mix it up, but I 100% prefer the low-medium intensity for some reason, I feel i've gotten better results from it. The fasted cardio I know people constantly go back and fourth about, but I was stuck around 188 for a while, and since I've incorporated it i've dropped down to about 183.

The first two weeks of my cut, I dropped a lot of weight, I presume most of it was water as I drastically cut sodium intake, and started eating MUCH cleaner. After the 3 weeks mark I was already down about 8-9 pounds. For the past 2 weeks, I've been hovering between 183.2 and almost 185. Can't seem to break past this point. My ultimate goal ( I think ) to see the definition i'm looking for, will come around at around 177 or so. I've noticed naturally I'm pretty lean, and have an easier time maintaining a lower weight, as I struggled like crazy to stay up above 195. I feel a LOT better currently.

Last I checked, around 186 lbs, I was down to almost 14-15% ... I use the calipers at the gym so may not be 100% accurate. Anwyay, here is my diet. If anyone can chime in on what I can change, or constructive criticism, I don't mind at all ..

On Regular days: ('cardio' days, I just cut the pre-wo shake)

Wake up 7:30 AM - Protein shake, 1 scoop MYOFUSION about 147 cal per scoop, and a scoop of Waximaize (pre-WO carbs, about 40G/scoop)

PWO / Breakfast 8:45 AM - 1 whole organic egg, 4 egg whites, and a packet of original oatmeal (one bowl)

Snack around 10:15 AM - Diced chicken breast, about 4 ounces. I season it with no sodium ms dash, tastes pretty good

Lunch: 1:45 PM (ish) - I make myself a roast beef sandwich, boars head top round (low sodium), about 4 ounces, with lettuce tomatoes, a slice of swiss cheese, and 2 pieces of whole wheat bread.

Snack: 4:00 PM - about two handfuls of plain no sodium almonds, and two slices of low sodium turkey breast.

Dinner: 7:00 PM - I alternate between Salmon, and chicken breast. But typically, I grill about a 6-7 ounce chicken breast with lemon juice, and dice it into a plain salad, with tomatoes, and an extremely low cal dressing in a spray bottle, it's like 10 cal per 10 sprays, low sodium, 1g fat per 10/spray.

Before bed: I have a scoop of Casein protein about 15 minutes before bed.

I take opti men multi, fish oil, glutamine, BCAAs.. I drink over a gallon of water a day, and try to throw in a few cups of diet green tea when I can....

My maintenance cals per a few calculators I used, was around 2600-2700, i'm clearly eating below that, and never did cardio before.

- Mike