Diet planning web site?

  1. Question Diet planning web site?

    I have seen on some peoples threads that people use different websites to keep track of their diets, goals etc...

    What are the web address's of these sites and are they free?

    Thanks Bro's

  2. do u mean

  3. is very helpful. And yes it is free if you use solely the web-based version.

  4. Fitday is extra cool b/c you can add your own foods and stuff, too, make fancy graphs. It's very nice.

  5. yep fitday is the one for me

  6. I just can't believe fitday is free sometimes It is THE place to plan your diet IMO.

  7. I know--I honestly can't believe it's free either...the graphs and everything are so awesome.

  8. the biggest pain in the ass is the loading all your info in isnt it? like protein shakes and such...

    one other thing is it wont let you set your diet up for gaining or am i missing something

  9. Well--this is true! And the bodyweight/height scale they have is fu$#ED....I'm >13% bf @ 200, and it says I am substantially overweight?!

  10. remember this site is not exactly geared towards BB'ers. Gaining weight is not priority for Joe average in America, usually they use these types of services for losing weight and attempting to get to a reasonable physical state. They use a basic BMI chart, which in now way reflects obesity for most lifters or anyone with other than average muscle-to-fat ratios. Bottom line: I wouldn't exactly consider this a fault of the service, considering they are providing the service for everyone, not a specific target audience. I just use it for their diet calculator, easy way to get ratios and total cals


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