Help TheMeatus do a successful Recomp

  1. Help TheMeatus do a successful Recomp

    Okay, okay, so im trying to do a Recomp, but yes, i fail when it comes down to recomping. Soooo basically anybody that has any good tips would be apprecciated.

    I know the basics of what goes into a recomp, just i fail tremendously when it comes to putting my knowledge to use on manipulating my diet.

    This thread has helped me out alot.......

    "But i want to get big AND ripped!" How to run a RECOMP cycle

    but any personal things you guys use when recomping, any tips, inform me yo'.
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  2. i find it's a little easier to recomp on a cyclical diet, as opposed to a daily manipulation .

    i.e. UD 2.0/lean gains vs a daily recomp style diet ( over maintenance + cardio )

    just my opinion
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    I plan on recomping whenever I get my thyroid leveled out. I'll offer up to you what I plan on using/doing when that time comes.

    I'll be doing intermittent fasting (already am, just because it's easier) and eating from noon-8. I work out after work around 4, so it falls right in there (not a fan of fasted weight-training at all -- cardio is fine).

    I plan on doing something similar to what RickRock is doing with using burn days and calorie days, but it'll vary a bit. I'll also be using a 2 week pattern for a 5 day split (which has been very successful for me in the past with body composition and strength, and should lend itself well to fat-burning, too, with a functional thyroid lol).

    - Week 1: Max-OT training (reps 4-6 range, some 6-8 for different muscle groups, sets ~8 total per day aside from legs)
    - Week 2: High Intensity Circuit training (4 sets of 12 reps with 60 seconds of rest between sets, 120 seconds rest between different lifts, 3-5 lifts per muscle group)

    Monday: Delts/Traps
    Tuesday: Cardio
    Wednesday: Chest
    Thursday: Back
    Friday: Cardio
    Saturday: Arms
    Sunday: Legs

    - Both weeks follow the same lifting days

    I don't have a maintenance level of cals yet, but let's assume that it's 2500 just for the sake of making my point. The two areas I want to bring up the most are arms and legs, so cals would theoretically look like this:

    - Monday: 2500
    - Tuesday: 1800
    - Wednesday: 2500
    - Thursday: 2500
    - Friday: 1800
    - Saturday: 3000
    - Sunday: 3000
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  4. You just have to account for your training with your calorie intake and manipulate the nutrients to avoid fat gain.

    The KEY to recomp is knowing how your body responds to food so you can know how to structure your diet. i.e if you are carb sensitive and gain weight easily then watch the carbs. Also if you gain weight easy with carbs but also gain muscle easy with them then make up the calories by doing extra cardio.

    Its all one big equation

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