Is the weight coming off to quick?

  1. Is the weight coming off to quick?

    So I finally got a on a real diet eating only healthly... Really haven't had a cheat meal in a week.... So question is am I losing weight to quickly?

    Was 188.2lbs
    End of week 1. 184.6lbs

    I'm an endo at about 16-18%bf... Goal is to get to 10% bf but be as heavy as possible hopefully at least 175lbs...

    I heard you should look for a 1-2lb lose a week and I'm more into the 4lb range.... Strength is hard to guage since my workout always changes...maybe I'll go bench and bench the next week and see if I'm up or down....

    Let me know what you think..... Also if you wanna know my diet I'll post it for you.

  2. Relax bro, if u went a week without a cheat meal and thats NOT the norm for you, then obviously you consumed less food, carbs in particular, and dropped at least 2 to 3 lbs of water from less food going in. Dont underestimate the weight of the food u eat, and carbs ability to pull in water, they are called carboHYDRATES.

    If ur truly an endo...u aint losing weight too quickly, lol

  3. I agree with the above poster. Another thing to keep in mind is that it's only been a week. The first week for most people who finally clean up their diet is phenomenal in terms of scale weight lost. There are a lot of explanations for this, the most common being loss of excess water weight, cutting down on glycogen stores, etc. No worries bro, you're good. Expect it to slow down some time during the 3rd o 4th week.

  4. Sounds good guys. Thanks. I just had so many failed cuts it sucks.... Last time I lost 15lbs and when done... Looked barely leaner and arms were down 1/2" waist was nearly re same haha... Think it was cuz I only had 130 protein... This time protein is above 200.... Carbs around 100-150.... Fat 60-75...

  5. for me the first week of any cut i am good for at least 5 pounds of water weight happens without fail less calories over all = less carbs over all = less water

  6. Sounds good I'm on the right track

  7. You should be lucky losing that amount of weight
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    Yep, nothing to worry about. I dropped 6 and a half pounds in the first week of a cut phase before, but that was going into ketosis and watching glycogen stores shrink. If you consistently lost 4 pounds a week, that would be something to worry about.
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  9. Yup this being week 2 I'm down .9lbs since Tuesday...I weigh in every Tuesday so I'll keep updating with weight being lost...

  10. The first week of a cut for me the weight flies off. In the weeks after I lose about 2lb a week.

  11. Water mate, if you continue to lose more than 2lb a week then think about upping cals.

  12. Week 3....

    Starting weight 184.6

    Ending weight 182.0

    So roughly a 2.6lb loss in the third week....

    Food last weeked sucked to... Ran out Thursday of my meals... Sat was cheat day of buffalo wings Sunday I cheated to with hot pockets... Still managed to drop 2.6lbs.... Hoping the next couple of weeks I notice a bigger body change... Not trying to go below 175lbs....


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