How do you lose lower belly fat

  1. How do you lose lower belly fat

    Hey all I am not a fat guy im in pretty good shape just have lower belly fat I can not get rid of any suggestions?!

  2. clean up your diet.

    figure out how many calls u need to remain at your weight and reduce them by 500.

    google ( calorie calculator )

  3. generally guys hold fat on the lower abs as the most stubborn area. its usually the last bit to come off for normal guys just looking to look nice and lean. just keep dieting as said above. aim for at least a 200-300 daily calorie deficit and within a few weeks you should be nice and tight on the lower abs.
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  4. Also diet is number one... Something to help out is a natty test booster and a anti E product. Sometimes E makes it hard to lose fat there... But what do I know I'm still at 15%bf
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    As has been said, diet is the only thing that's really gonna do it.

    That being said, you can work on exercises to build up your lower abs so they're stronger underneath and pushing out more, too (e.g. hanging leg raises, reverse crunches, full range cable crunches). And once you're really down to the last bit of fat (already around that single digit bf% point), you could add in a topical fat-burner, too. You could toss in some Thiomucase and even add in some clen with it, if that's something you're interested in.

  6. Thanks gents

  7. I agree just keep cutting and it will eventually come off.... Everyone is different though I have to get down to roughly 8-9% to have abs....others it's 10-12%


  8. Everybody has a trouble spot. It can survive about the belly, thighs, arms or chest. You want to eat less and exercises extra.]Personal Trainer Chino Hills

  9. We'll talk Lean Gains when I see you tomorrow...Get your numbers right.

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  10. Lower abs workout and high fiber diet works for me

  11. Hi TheRoc,
    Cardio and aerobic exercises are most effective in losing lower belly fat.
    Avoid bakery items, sweet things, beverages and dairy products.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthoney View Post
    Avoid bakery items, sweet things, beverages and dairy products.
    Not trying to be a jerk, but I'm going to point out the issues with the above advice simply for anyone else whoever comes across this thread.

    - Avoiding "beverages" would obviously kill you as water is a beverage (I'm assuming you meant "sweet beverages" which are actually fine, like virtually everything else, in moderation).
    - Sweet things could easily include fruit, which there is no reason to avoid.
    - Bakery items is a very vague term that could include way too much.
    - Dairy products don't need to be avoided.

    The biggest takeaway needs to be that things need to be done to meet each individual's macro-nutrient and calorie requirements. There is no blanketed list of do's don't's that transfers across the board to all people.

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  14. I've often found sprinting works wonderful for reducing belly fat.

    You could also look at using a topical such as Eviscerate, Abliderate, 7-Keto Spray, etc.

  15. diet and exercise why is there a thread about this every 5 seconds... people make this too hard... if you have questions about your macro's or calories.. ask away but dont ask questions that even late night infomercials answer.

  16. alpha yohimbine.


    For me, the action IS the juice.

  17. Ok then I weigh 182 and would like to be around 172 I work out 5 days a week with 20 mins of cardio and abb work every time. i also ride a bike at work and Im talking about the one you peddal. What should I be eating and how much.


  18. Pure Resveratrol daily for a few months, while cycling Sustain according to protocol can help with that. Resveratrol seems to go directly to adipose tissue. It has to be pure tho...

  19. Jump Roping works wonders also. DermaTherm is a good topical cream for fat loss
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  20. Quote Originally Posted by Knowbull View Post
    Pure Resveratrol daily for a few months, while cycling Sustain according to protocol can help with that. Resveratrol seems to go directly to adipose tissue. It has to be pure tho...
    I second this


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