Popped 2 primatene, dont feel anything...

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  1. Popped 2 primatene, dont feel anything...

    I just bought a box, took two, not feeling any diff almost an hr in. maybe a little sleepy? WTF? I thought the hcl was top stuff so far imo extracts and alkoloids were 10x more effective

  2. It works synergistically with caffeine and asprin. And take it with GF juice too.

  3. Huh..... Well I just.had it with rockstar... Still nothing special

  4. primatene sucks. I decided to try out primatene, 2 caps of primatene sucks compared to 1 cap of bronkaid.

    but both are rip offs, you can get three bottles 8mg each 50ct for 20 bucks shipped from canada. thats what im gonna go with next.

    but until then, get some bronkaid bro. 2 caps of that gets your ass moving. add in a pre w/o and your gtg.

  5. Lol if you were dosing the stims up before this then that would be why.

  6. jb u say they suk, then y does everyone use them? Thats y I got it, most rexommended.

    Imma take some asparin tonight with caffeine and another dose to see if that helps...

  7. Also could u PM the site? I am very weary of alot of websites

  8. And dose some benedril for a wk, every thres weeks to clean them receptora

  9. Primatene is dosed at 12.5mg and Bronkaid is 25mg, so basically it's double the stregth. One Bronkaid with 200mg of caffeine and a baby asprin will do you good.

  10. ^^^Not quite true. They are different salts. One is HCl and the other is S04. You actually get more ephedrine mg/mg from the chloride salt than you do from the sulfate

    I always use the sulfate though b/c it's usually a lot cheaper.
    RcB Since 09-06-2011 20:55 EST, Post 49

  11. Quote Originally Posted by stxnas View Post
    ^^^Not quite true. They are different salts. One is HCl and the other is S04. You actually get more ephedrine mg/mg from the chloride salt than you do from the sulfate

    I always use the sulfate though b/c it's usually a lot cheaper.
    ha ha, oh yea, this guys know, a quick search on primatene vs bronkaid will get you some threads where stx breaks it down for you. that is why i went with bronkaid first, best bang for your buck.

    wish i could get sulfate version without the expectorant.

  12. i dont know bro, but when I was researching primatene vs bronkaid, I came across stx's post on the two, and found you actually get slightly more ephedrine with the sulfate, and most seem to agree it last longer as well.

    I figured using the primatene wouldn't be too different than the bronkaid, so when I tried to save a few bucks, i went with a box of primatene, and was disapointed as you were.

    here is a link for you bro. i'd rec the 4ever fitt, as it's a company thats been around a long time and reputable. cheaper shipping too.

  13. Ephedrine HCl is approximately 82% ephedrine by weight.

    Ephedrine sulfate is approximately 77% ephedrine by weight.

    25 mg ephedrine HCl = 20.5 mg ephedrine

    25 mg ephedrine sulfate = 19.25 mg ephedrine

    Ephedrine Sulfate vs. Ephedrine HCL

    so yea, you get more ephedrine with 2 tabs of primatene vs 1 tab of bronkaid, but i look at it like this, you have to make a fair comparison, if your gonna use 2 tabs of primatene for your comparison, you gotta use 2 tabs of bronkaid for it, and that way, you get alot more ephedrine per tablet.

    maybe you should bump it up to 3 and see how it treats you? i havn't tried that.

  14. Yea but when I used asia black which had like 25mg extract..... It buzzed my like crazy...

  15. But 25mg hcl with caffeine and baby aspirin I just took dosent even come close to asia black or clen

  16. to OP,

    I have been taking primatene for a long time. I too can take 2 and go right to bed. I dont feel $hit from primatene, rockstar drinks etc.

  17. yea I'm thinking of stickin to alkoloids and extracts, tons more effective

  18. I always used bronkaid and never had a problem. 1 cap bronkaid, 1 cap no doze, 1 pill childrens asprin and I was g2g. I eventually would taper up to 4/4/4 and then taper back down.

  19. asia black has alot more other sht in it stimulant wise than the ephedra extracts.

    only place you can get pure ephedrine hcl from is canada, or some other country, i havn't seen anyplace that sells it in the us.

    if those otc stims work for you jasen, may just have to stick with them. I know there is some ingredient that gets put in all the otc stims, and i dont know if im allergic or what, but after i take a serving of any otc stim product, i feel like i've smoked crystal meth, and am basically high for a day or two. which i dont like. but with purely ephedrine + caffiene, it's nice.

    i had seen a calculation made that showed how much caffiene you needed to go with the ephedrine, but it's 200 plus mg's.

  20. Hmmmm I will try some OEP later today Iaybe. If I dont notice much, ill just order some Clen/T3 from the Lion. Gettin my beasrdrol in a few dYs as well. Winstrol/superdrol

  21. Oep with primatene*

  22. Id think, beastdrol/winstrol/t3/clen, would makke a epic.cut

  23. Bought some bronkaid, going to try this in 5 hrs ill reportbsoon

  24. Took bronkaid today with caffeine and baby asparin, niceeeeee alot diff.then primatene

  25. The first time I tried primatene with C + A I had an amazing workout - this continued for a few weeks until it eventually started getting less and less. Then again I had not used stims for a long time before then.


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