Need Tips on Getting ripped up

  1. Need Tips on Getting ripped up

    I just want to know the best way on how to get ripped ...right now im 5'9 182 and in good shape but still have a goal to get real defined and maintain the muscle i already have. Thanks

  2. Track your calories- If you don't know exactly how many calories you're getting, how can you manipulate your intake to speed up results? Most people get more calories than they realize. I certainly did before I started tracking everything.

    Lift more- Resistance training should be the centerpiece to losing fat. Building muscle allows you to burn more calories through the day.

    Be more active- Go for a 45 minute walk in the morning. Go for another walk when you have time. Park farther away. Do active recovery on off days. Anything to keep you moving more.

    Start with carbs first- I know so many people who have seen dramatic results by lowering carb intake. If you're stuck in a rut try carb cycling or try to go for a few weeks with around 100 grams or less of carbs. See if this does the trick for you.

    Decrease stress- Living stressfully increases cortisol which leads to catabolism and weight gain. Do whatever you have to to decrease stress.

    Adding sprints has always gotten me the most defined.

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