Aspirin in the ECA stack?

  1. Aspirin in the ECA stack?

    Hello all, first post here. I am going to use the ECA stack soon, starting with 25mg of ephedrine (from Primatene) and 200mg of caffeine.

    Now, I have heard people go back and forth about whether the aspirin is beneficial or not. I have also heard that it was shown to only be helpful for the obese. While I am not obese, I am 6'1" 272 lbs (have muscle though, as I have been lifting for about 4 years).

    So should I take the 81mg aspirin for each dose, the 325mg aspirin for each dose, or none at all?

  2. There arebt many helpfull ppl aroubd here anymore so ill shine in real qyick though I seldom do in general in this section.

    Basically yes or stuck to just 81mg a day

  3. I would actually switch to bronkaid. Have heard more positive things about it overall and have had good success with it myself.

    What I would do is usually do 1 tab of bronkaid, 1 no doze tab, and 1 pill of asprin (81 mg). That was one dose. 1/1/1

    when i would increase the dose I would go 2/2/2.

    It's cheap and it works. It's the ECA stack for a def throw it in there. If you want you can do the asprin every other day (EOD) due to it's long half life.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by smokeymcpot View Post
    also take yohimbine hcl, split about 30mgs a day. i like to a half asprin, it's more cost effective
    not a good idea...this has been discussed at great length on this site....use the search function

  5. Ephedrine stacks great with Adderllin.. Just ask bigt

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TheDarkHalf View Post
    not a good idea...this has been discussed at great length on this site....use the search function
    no, not a good idea at all...


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