How's my new cutting diet? Think I finally figured it out! After 2 years!

  1. How's my new cutting diet? Think I finally figured it out! After 2 years!

    Breakfast: 4.5oz of turkey bacon
    8oz Greek yogurt non fat
    2tb natty pb
    1 bannana

    Lunch: 8oz chicken breast ( some say 220-400 calories)
    3/4 cup brown rice
    2 cups green beans

    Dinner: 6oz steak
    3/4 cup rice
    2tb natty pb

    Snack/post wo: (around 1100-noon) protein shake blend 48 grams of protein 8 carb 4 fat.

    Before bed snack: 4oz Greek yogurt.

    It works out to around 2200-2300 calories at a 45/35/15 split. (protein/carb/fat.)

    I'm a endo and skinny fat at 193lbs 16-18%looking to get to 175-180 at 10-12% bf Seem to gain fat easier then muscle.

  2. O by the way it comes out.. 205 protein 159 carbs 70 fat.

  3. Anyone?

  4. Quote Originally Posted by Machwon1 View Post
    What's your workout regimine looking like? It will be easier to judge your diet if we know where your calories are going.

  5. M/W/F split.... About a hour to hour half working out in the gym... After lifting I run about a mile.

    T/TH I do boxing training...with a ex pro boxer Very cardio based with skills and strength included. Little rest periods about 30 second rest when I do rest

    Saturday or Sunday.... Run 1.5-2 miles, jump rope for 3 min, do a simple kettlebell routine nothing major just a no rest set of 10 simple exercises of ten reps.

  6. Seems to me like you're on the right track for sure. One thing, if I can make a suggestion... I would cut out the running and add another form of cardio, only for the fact that running, while great for the cardiovascular system, is not the most efficient way to burn fat while preserving muscle. You describe yourself as "skinny fat" which leads me to believe that you want to preserve as much muscle as possible. Running can be very hard on the system, and as a result you will see muscle being burned as a source of energy rather than fat. It's for that reason that most runners don't have a ton of muscle. It all really depends what you're going for I guess, but I recommend my clients switch up between lower impact forms of cardio such as elliptical or bike or stair stepper/variations. I then have them work within target heart rates for their specific goals/weight/health in general. Feel free to PM me if you have any questions. I'm here to help others as well as learn.

    I think your diet could use a bit of tweaking as well, but let me think about it for a bit. It's not that it's bad, or that you won't see results... But our goal should always be the get the results as efficiently as possible.
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  7. Hey thanks for all your help... The only reason I been running so much is the boxing guy told me to run more because my stamina isn't very good and as we know that's important in boxing.... But I'll only run after weight training and I'll do a different type of cardio on Sundays..... Like you mention bike as a example. Thanks... And any tweaks in diet let me know... I'm just trying to finally get the body I'm after! Thanks.

  8. look into increasing your bodies insulin sensitivity. Start of slowly...
    Add lemon to foods as a dressing and cinnamon. The move onto 3 medium sized meals and 1 snack if regime can be worked with this.
    3rd, lower the use of Starchy/complex carbs like rice etc to using low GI for a while only
    4th, Look at removing all grains and dairy for a week and ease into upping the essential fats like avacados and olive oil. Whole eggs 2 times a week for vitamin absorption
    5th, training and exercise. Diet is 80%, training 98%, supps 1-2% and of course discipline is needed.
    6th Look into fasting and lean gains method.
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