beer while carb cycling?

  1. beer while carb cycling?

    hey guys i need some help i like having a beer every now and then when i have had a long day at work and im done for the rest of the day is it safe to drink a bud select 55 and not mess up the carb cycling process of 3 days low 1 day high carbs of quality products and if anyone knows how the heck is it 55 calories with 1.9 grams carbs 1 gram protein and no fats that converts into 12 calories where do the other calories come from thanks again guys

  2. alcohol: ~7 cals per gram

    empty calories.

    1 bud select probably won't make any noticeable difference though - so I'd say it's summer, enjoy.

  3. A couple beers a week on your high carb day isn't gonna kill you. Just count it into your daily calories and you'll be fine.

  4. Quote Originally Posted by babywifey View Post
    A couple beers a week on your high carb day isn't gonna kill you. Just count it into your daily calories and you'll be fine.
    Agreed. If you're not preparing for a competition, why stress about it?
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    Great advice in here.

    As it's been said, the alcohol is going to be empty calories, so it won't be productive, but a little bit isn't going to throw things off the tracks. All about the progress you wanna make and how strict you wanna be
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  6. Life is meant to enjoy. A few beers in the week is going to have a pretty minimal effect on your progress. The only thing to watch out for is consuming a bunch at once and then deciding to call in two large pizzas to scarf down. Not that I have ever done ANYTHING like that.

  7. i do all the time and look fine, lifes to short for this internet recycled bs people spew

    just dont be drinking a 6'er every night lol
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  8. samething everyones said so far. Take a beer every now and then, i also have the guilty pleasure of downing a mountain dew voltage on a weekly basis and i dont let it get to me. Just make sure its not too consistent or you might start seeing some negative effects from it brosef
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  9. thanks everybody for the advice i have always been very strict on myself when it comes to training and getting the results that i want its good to know i can relax a tad and have a couple beers throughout the long work week

  10. You can take beer twice a week. It is fine
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  11. Bro, let me tell you something. The absolute most shredded I've ever been in my life was while drinking low carb beer 2-3x/wk. And this was during a contest prep. And i'm going to explain why this was to you. A low carb beer is usually under 100 cals and no fat, with minimal carbs(usually 2-3 grams/beer) But my limit was 3 beers/night, sometimes only 2 beers. It helped take the edge off of dieting so hard, and it allowed me to go for very long periods of time eating clean. When we diet sometimes we just need something to look forward to since its usually not food. So whats worse, 300 cals from some a few low carb beers or blowing it out and eating pizza? Actually, I often woke up the next morning looking even better by doing this. It kept me dry and hard. Because I had something I could enjoy 2-3 nights/wk I was able to go 2-3 wks at a time without a cheat meal usually. I got down to around 4% bf and 215 lbs while doing this, its the best I've ever looked in my life. And this little secret was shared with me by another bodybuilder who stays insanely shredded all year long. good luck. But remember, 3 is the limit no matter what. But when your dieting hard usually 2 of them is enough to feel good. I usually did this in between my 5th and 6th meal of the day, then I'd go eat 12 egg whites before bed as my 6th meal


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