6'0", 206lbs. and Fat

  1. Thumbs down 6'0", 206lbs. and Fat

    So, my avatar is outdated. That's me at 240. Almost 40 pounds later, I'm 206, and still pretty fat. Wtf. I'm six feet tall, I shouldn't look as fat as I look for 206. I mean, I'd like to be 170ish so I'm not going to stop or skip a beat, but it makes me wonder, if 40 pounds is lost and I'm still fat, will another 35 make that big a difference? Anybody else who started fat (started REALLY fat, 280, noticeable difference between 280 and 240, now, not so much), anyway, anyone who started fat, at my height, got to around 200, and still looked fat?

  2. Sorry to hear about ur situation. But at least ur making good progress. 40lb is something to be proud of. I'm 6'3" and 3 years ago I reach an all-time high of a pathetic 260+ lbs. And also I had minimal muscle, I wasn't working out. I went on a 6-month hardcore cut and got down to 218lb, where I was by NO MEANS skinny. I still was rather flabby and about 20-25lb away from seeing abs. From 218 (about 2 years ago) I tried to recomp. fluxuated from 230-240, and got as high as 252 (only 3 months ago). From 3 months ago til now, I significantly improved my diet and workout regiment, and now im down to 212 with decent muscle mass. I'm starting to see my upper abs, my "v" shape, and definition around my muscles. While certain diet supps aided me, my diet was BY FAR the most important factor. Just stay dedicated and deciplined, and the results will come.
    -It's not about what you're doing, it's about how you're doing it.

  3. Got no other choice, brah. (I don't know why the duck)

  4. Ya same.. I'm the dreaded skinny fat.. It sucks... I have big arms... Nice v taper but no matter what... My stomach is pudge... Even from 205 down to 189 still pudge...

  5. Quote Originally Posted by Machwon1 View Post
    Ya same.. I'm the dreaded skinny fat.. It sucks... I have big arms... Nice v taper but no matter what... My stomach is pudge... Even from 205 down to 189 still pudge...
    Bah... this is discouraging...

  6. Tell me about it... I have 16" arms... Nice v taper... But as soon as I take off my shirt blah pudge stomach n my lacking chest... But another year I should be there finally after 3 solid years.

  7. just keep working at it man. 40lbs may seem like a large number, but on us tall people the fat is spread out alot, i just cut down to 222 from 260 and plan to stop at 205, im 6'3. I bulked a little too generously and added unneccesary fat. My new plan is too lean out and then recomp after to add lean body mass and keep the same bf%

  8. Started around 260, 5'10", still fat (in my head) at 184, took my eye off the ball and gained 20lbs, back down to 200 still fat - diet, circuits and big moves bro we'll all get there! Check my log and you can see almost every stage of my recomp PHAT journey continues with an AI Piņata (more products than u can shake a stick at)

    New pics posted today

    But here's me at 260ish Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1309706372.704872.jpg
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    At 184
    Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1309706424.275258.jpg
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    And today around 200 (maybe higher , massive carb week)

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