T3 - can it make you core temperature hotter?

  1. T3 - can it make you core temperature hotter?


    just started a AAS cycle + T3. I am 1.5 weeks in and in the last few days ive up my T3 dose from 25mg to 50mg. I think I am feeling hotter - my core temperature seems elevated slightly - and my skin seems a little flushed - slightly red.

    AAS im taking is 500mg of Test E (2 x 250mg a week) and NPP 100mg EoD.

    Is this normal? It wouldn't surprise me if it is, but thought id pop a post up to see...



  2. um yes. If you did any sort of research on t3 before you used it, you would already know this

  3. hi makaveli - yes, sorry my post wasnt clear - knew about the hotness - what about skin being a bit flushed and slightly red?

  4. yes........
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  5. thanks guys- sorry for the confusing post

  6. def read up on t3 bro its def not a supplement to be taken lightly.also you might want to check out T-3 PCT by need to build muscle as it will help normalize things once you are done with your t3 use. here is a link to read up on it.



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