I'd greatly appreciate some advice

  1. I'd greatly appreciate some advice

    As the cookie-cutter story goes,

    I've always had a hard time losing weight, and if i happen to lose a few pounds, its from months and months of religious dieting and cardio.

    I've recently approached a local endocrinologist to see if my body might be working against me. He's set-up a blood panel to check things like:
    IGF-1, Testosterone, free test, t3/t4, LH, FSH, Thyroid function, and some other parameters.

    Oh by the way, I forgot to mention that putting muscle on is even harder.

    From the short amount of research that i've done on here, some users have pointed towards stacks like epistane/clenbuterol to help my symptoms.
    On a side note, I do have asthma, so i take albuterol sulfate in aerosol form (only 90mcg per actuation) and advair sparingly.

    With epistane being a PH, I know a PCT would be in order, but i really don't know where to find these kinds of things.
    I would really appreciate some advice on this subject, I really want to change my body composition for the better.
    My diet is extremely clean, and my cardio is on point, but it seems like my body is not budging.

    Anyways, thanks for reading this, i hope some of the experts can chime in.

  2. Well, here's my take on your situation (for what it's worth) :

    (1) Don't introduce anything hormonal before the blood panel comes back. If you have a thyroid issue -- discussed at length by other members here --> The Official Hypothyroidism Thread -- that can totally put the breaks on your fat loss goals in addition to other things. An endocrinologist's analysis is extremely valuable so that was definitely a wise choice requesting a blood panel -- you can try everything in the book but if you're hormones are out of whack (especially your TSH) it'll feel like you're just banging your head against the wall (similar to MB's story in the thread linked above).

    (2) Once metabolic and other deficiencies/issues have been ruled out by blood work, you can re-investigate your diet and nutrition -- macro breakdown, total calories, etc. w/ respect to your current physical stats and make sure you truly do have everything in order.

    (3) Barring other disorders, there is little reason you (or any healthy person) shouldn't be able to lose fat if your diet is on point and your endocrine system / metabolism are functioning correctly. I don't think you'll find many recommendations for oral steroids before it's even been established that you can effectively improve your body composition without drug assistance.

    There is a ton of information regarding PCT on this site for you to learn from as well -- just go to the Anabolics: PCT sub-forum here --> http://anabolicminds.com/forum/post-cycle-therapy/)

    I know I essentially told you to wait and see, but ruling out certain conditions is important. You can post your diet and nutrition information on here if you like, and I (and probably others) would be happy to take a look at it too.

  3. Just an update, is PharmaStation a reputable source for these types of products??

  4. Thanks for the response red dog.
    Thats seems like the smartest way to approach this subject.
    Lets see what happens with the blood panel.
    I'll be posting the results on this thread, and hopefully some of you can chime in again.
    Thanks so far

  5. Brother, sounds like a story out of my book. I went through a stage where I was put on meds that made me gain a crap ton of weight. I tried diet, cardio, fat burners, etc. Out of desperstion, after blood work and panels and the whole nine I bought Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat Feed the Muscle E-Book. This book changed my life. Turns out I wasnt eating enough, and that every one is unique in their weight loss goals. I'm no rep. just an average joe but, I'm telling you from experience and a 40lb/12% body fat loss that this philosophy is the real deal. It's also very easy to understand. Good luck with everything

    Im currently on a good cut with before pics, nutrition, stats, and measurements. Please check it out if you're interested

    4wk Androhard/Androlean 4wkPCT log

  6. Quote Originally Posted by TEP25 View Post
    Just an update, is PharmaStation a reputable source for these types of products??
    We actually aren't permitted to discuss sourcing on this board, but if you search around for key words on google you should be able to locate some reviews and relevant discussions from other sites discussing this topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by TEP25 View Post
    Thanks for the response red dog.
    Thats seems like the smartest way to approach this subject.
    Lets see what happens with the blood panel.
    I'll be posting the results on this thread, and hopefully some of you can chime in again.
    Thanks so far
    Sure thing man -- definitely post up your values when you get them back! Good luck progressing in the mean time as well.

  7. Yes, please post your ht wt, and current diet.

  8. Wow,
    I really appreciate the responses so far guys

    Thats an excellent log you got there TurningGreen!!!
    I hope to follow in your footsteps.

    Sorry for the confusion Cooky32, heres the breakdown of stats
    My height is 6'0"
    Weight: 230 (down from 260 in December)
    Diet: I've adopted a low carb/high protein approach, where i try to get about 50 grams of protein in every 4-5 hours.
    This approach works, but the energy levels on a low carb diet are minimal to say the least.
    And i'm trying to re-wire my brain to not crave carbs, but that is an extremely difficult task. I find myself cheating from time to time.

    As far as supplementation goes:
    I have a solid multi-vitamin - ON Opti-men
    I Use a protein Complex - ON Pro Complex
    pre-workout - Yok3d and Jack3d (unbelievable stim)
    Post-workout - Scivation Extend

    It's been like pulling teeth to lose fat, and gain strength, and it feels like an uphill battle.

    Back in '07, I thought I was in the best shape of my life. I was 175lb, and a lean, mean, fighting machine (Muay thai fighter)
    But looking back at my pictures, I had the arms, and muscular structure of a skinny kid, although my legs were rock solid.
    How i got to 175 was a bad journey of starvation dieting and heavy cardio. I started that journey at 215lbs, and lost the weight very fast.
    You all can imagine what happens to you're muscular structure when you lose weight fast... Bye bye strength!!

    So now i'm stuck in the same situation, but I have decided to go about it the right way.
    Yes, its going to be a slow process, but i have the willpower to handle something as life changing as this.

    Sorry to babble on and on, but i figured if i was going to get some expert advice, i might as well tell my story.
    thanks for listening, and hopefully when i get this blood work done, ill attach the results here for everyone to chime in on

  9. Also, I had a theory that i wanted to run by you guys. It is very elementary, but i'd like to know if there is any truth behind it.

    So, the body has a set ratio of how it regulates our hormones, and fluctuation by any hormone results in a reaction by another (Entropy).
    I know this is a very basic theory, but from my understanding, if a hormone like estrogen is reduced (through AI or SARMS), wouldnt the reaction by the body be to
    increase testosterone to help estrogen come back up to normal levels, and even upregulate????
    I've always been fascinated by anatomy and physiology, and how the whole body works as a synergistic machine, so this theory popped up in my head.
    It would be great to hear what everyone has to say about this subject.
    Thanks in advance

  10. If you are keeping carbs low, then you need to incorporate some healthy fats in your daily calorie intake. I would eat a handful of RAW ALMONDS, or a serving of natural peanut butter at your meals. Avacado is good. Take Fish oil caps with EPA DHA in them. Add Macadamia nut oil 1 svg. to your protein shakes. This will help you reach your goals and give you energy for your training. Your brain will be able to focus better too. I would also eat more frequently at least every 3 hours vice 4. Your body is most likely blunting fat burning due to how long it has to wait for those few calories you are consuming. I was doing 50gm protein,veggies, and good fats every 2 1/2 hours. Good luck and take care.

  11. Thanks for the advice cooky32.
    For my shakes, its 45 grams of protein, then i add 2 tbsp of organic peanut butter, 1 tsp of organic honey, and 8 oz of fat free milk. It comes out to about 60g of
    protein per shake.
    I just picked up some I3C (indole 3 carbinol) today... Research has shown it can help regulate the way estrogen is metabolized.
    I'll be supplementing this with some ZMA once i hit a lower bodyfat %...
    I understand the reasoning behind eating often so the metabolism is in high gear.
    I'll experiment with that for a few weeks and see what happens.
    Unfortunately, The earliest i can get an appointment with my endocrinologist is in the middle of August.
    Hopefully i can do a bit on my own til then.

    Anyways, thanks for the input guys.
    hope to hear from y'all later

  12. sorry, i forgot to ask another question

    Do any of you folks have experience with USPlabs OxyelitePro??
    I was thinking of starting a thermogenic, and heard good things about this one.
    Anyways, thanks in advance

  13. its a great product.

  14. thanks for the input cooky32.
    you're advice seems to be paying off so far.
    I've split up my eating to more frequent occasions, and i have very little cravings.. Seems like i'm always full now.

    I started I3c today, and figured taking it in the morning (when test is the highest) would be the most beneficial.
    I'm going to be on this regimen for a few months, and we'll see what type of progress i can make.
    I've also switched my lifting routine up.. I feel like muscle confusion is the key for growth.

    Anyways, thanks for the input guys, hope to hear from you later.

  15. Great news man. Best of luck to you.

  16. Did you blow up from 175 to 230 because you crash-dieted before and just gained it all back despite eating healthy, or did you truly let it go? This is just out of curiosity.

  17. Less Cookies.....no, what am I saying: MORE cookies. Happiness>Health


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