First time trying to cut

  1. First time trying to cut

    Hello all. Here's the deal- I'm 25, a firefighter, I'm 6ft and I currently weigh 207. I've got a decent muscle base, but I can't seem to loose weight. For my job, I run several miles almost every day, as well as lift weights or other physical exercise. I don't eat as well as I probably could, but I don't eat crap. No fast food, rarely eat out greasy or fried food. But I just can't cut the fat around my mid section and thighs. I don't take any supplements or anything, but I'm totally up for taking anything that would work if recommended. I can post pictures later if needed.

    Basically I'm wondering what can I do or take to help me cut down? I'd prefer to be down to the 190's, but the number doesn't matter as much to me as how healthy I am and how I look. So fellas, any help you could offer would be most appreciated. Thanks!

  2. Are you getting enough sleep? As a firefighter, I'm sure you experience a lot of stress. Stress and lack of sleep are major contributors to mid section fat. Also, I read somewhere how extensive long periods of cardio can actually decrease test levels, making fat loss actually harder, not 100% in the vaildity of that, but its something to look into. Consider adding HIIT cardio into you're routine along with all that distance running. Also I just got picked to log BPS's Combustion weight loss supp, ill post ya the link when I get it up if you want to follow along, it looks promising.

  3. But I am a huge fan of AP/Recreate sack from USPlabs worked wonders for me. forgot to mention that part

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