Liquid clen/alpha t-2/oxyelite pro stack

  1. Liquid clen/alpha t-2/oxyelite pro stack

    K next week I'm running a liquid clen/alpha t-2/oxyelite pro mega stack thing lol.. I was wondering if anyone would know if that'd be a good combo to run? Of course with cardio and proper dieting.. (low calories, moderate protein).. I'm at 13% body fat roughly and looking to get to 10-11 in a month.. Would this do it? Thanks guys

  2. sure...if your diet and training are on point. I'd drop the clen. It sounds like your trying to do a quick 1 month cut to drop a few vanity pounds, and clen is awfully potent for that purpose. Your gonna wanna do 2 weeks on/2 weeks off with it anyways, so you would only get to run it for half of that month anyways...

  3. I'm gonna try to drop 5lbs in the next two weeks. i wonder if we'll do it

    edit : and btw, i wouldn't expect too much from the alpha t2

    towards the bottom, they discuss T 2
    For me, the action IS the juice.

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