Contest Diet ?'s

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    Contest Diet ?'s

    Hey guys...this is sad to say but this is my first question in the diet forurm. I like to think I have a pretty good grasp on nutrition but this is different. I have almost decided to do my first contest and I wanted to know some basic tips on what to do on embarking on a contest diet. I usually eat by eye and on portion. I count protein but I dont keep a close eye on carbs or fat. ANy suggestions? I am 200 lbs and 13% bf (I know it is high). I am not sure if I should do HIIT cardio (used to sports training adn doing sprints...walking on the treadmill feels like your doing nothing) or if i should do long low intensity cardio? How do I know when to drop carbs and when and how much to drop fat? Sorry guys but I am new to counting to the exact gram. I would really like to do this contest it is in the first week of november so that gives me about 13 weeks out...I assume I would end up a middle weight. Thanks guys.

  2. ItriedtoripoffBobosonowIamgonehaveaniceday
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    I dont want you guys to give me every detail but if you can at LEAST point me in the right direction it would be appreciated. I gotta decide SOON if I am going to commit to this contest but I wanna do it right.

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    Anyone out there? BUMP

  4. Okay.. I would talk to Bobo if it were me.. he has the skills to get you ready.. and it might cost you alittle but I have a feeling you would do really well.. .
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    Thanks for replying Matt D...its just that funds arent the greatest right now so thats why I haven't contacted BOBO. Thats why im trying to learn on my own. So can anyone else help out...I gotta dedicate myself ASAP!

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    You guys have been so helpful in the past that Im a little disappointed in the responses. Again thanks Matt D.

  7. Start counting calories...not just protein.

    Figure out what type of diet you want to follow. 40/40/20, isocaloric, CKD, TKD, carb cycling, UD2. Pick one and stick with it. Read up on all of them through searches, and here, at avant (especially for carb cycling), bodyrecomposition etc.

    Find your BMI. How about you do some work yourself bro. If you want to diet for a contest, simply cutting carbs a bit, or doing a little more cardio won't cut it unless your genetically gifted. If that is the case, I cant really help you much as your already in a better boat then most individuals. Ill help but start with some research yourself. Anyone who doesn't have great genetics is fooling themselves if they just think some cardio and cutting carbs is an effective way to diet for a show.


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