How much time off from Clen while taking benadryl?

  1. How much time off from Clen while taking benadryl?

    Just finished my two weeks of clen, ramped up to 140 for a few days, then back down, and the whole time I was taking benadryl at night, and still am....Now I'm not sure how that worked on the receptors, if it reduced the efficiency of clen (I lost a lil fat...but not a lot-it was only 2 weeks )

    Anyway, after a week of benadryl *should* I be set with starting clen for another 2? Or should I take 2 weeks off? I only had mild shakes for sides, so all in all it treated me quite well.

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  2. Should wait the two weeks. I just finished a 3 weeker of clen myself. I didn't start the b_ dril until week three. Was 6_2 239 now 222.
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  3. No reason to taper down clen. Also, benadryl has proven not to work, only ketotifen works for up regulating the receptors. The reason to take keto along with clen is so you don't have to come off of clen. If you do 2 weeks on/2 weeks off then no reason to take keto.

  4. Id give it 2 weeks as well. However, when I ran clen my bp jumped up a bit. I bought one of those elec ones from Walgreens and monitored it from start to finish and actually had to rest 3 weeks cause my bp took a little longer to go back to normal....


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