New Weight loss Stack..

  1. Red face New Weight loss Stack..

    Alright I got my stack all ready for tomorrow, and very excited to start it up!
    I gained a few extra pounds in the recent weeks prob around 235 pounds give or take... I wanted to jump back down to 220 area, and very ready to start.. ABS season, for the first time ever I will get ABS , never has happened in my life but this year is the year.

    Diet is in Check, Quick rundown,
    Breakfast.. 6 egg whites sometime throw ham and hot sauce in,
    Lunch.. Chicken breast, or wrap
    Snack... protein bar
    Dinner.. Salad Chicken, veggies, usual stuff

    ECY Stack + Other fun-ness!

    Bronkaid.. 25mg 6$ walmart!
    Caffeine 200mg.. NSI
    Yhombie Fuel.. Twin Lab
    Yohimbine HCI.. PrimaForce x2
    Green Tea Extract.. NSI
    Tonalin XS-CLA.. NSI
    Vitamin B6 .. NSI
    Elderberry.. NSI
    Methyl B-12 1000 mg.. Jarrow

    Also I forgot again.. I Just ordered 5 bottles of 4everfit Ephedrine Pills 8mg when I run out of Bronkaid, so im good on that

    Some supplements that I had will be using during
    Fenugreek Seed.. NSI
    Cayenne Pepper.. NSI
    Animal Pak
    Uni Liver

    Was thinking this would be good to drop about 15 pounds ishhh

    Also Forgot too add..
    i will be taking Primordial month probably


  2. That is one sick @ss stack. Good luck man!!



  3. yes sirr,, Thanks!

  4. Stack should kick some ass! Diet seems a little light on the cals though

  5. yea It may seem that But im a Closet eater,, lolol So dont let that fool you, I will add alot more food though thats jsut a quick rundown, I eat alot alot alot it sux

  6. im about 207 i wanna get down to 185 by summer im currently on animal cuts but was wondering what else i could do to reach my goal..

  7. Why animal pak ? You have any plans on avoiding the veggies, fruits and dairys ?

    Otherwise, Good luck! Hope it works out well for you!

  8. Quote Originally Posted by Eizbear View Post
    Why animal pak ? You have any plans on avoiding the veggies, fruits and dairys ?

    Otherwise, Good luck! Hope it works out well for you!
    Why? because, its in my room and need to get rid of it, I may not consume the amount of dairy's i do in a day,I detail Cars all day long so sometimes its hard. We are mobile as well!

  9. Day1-

    Wake up 5:45
    BronkAid 5:50
    and the rest of the pills will be consumed before I hit the gym before 7.. well most of them

    Little Chest today!
    4 egg whites some Egg beaters.. Ham and Swiss Hot sauce all on top

    After the gym, yogurt

    Lunch- Ham Chk Let Mustard sandwhich

  10. Dropped about 5 pounds so far I believe, Detailing cars outside all day + all these supps im stripping this weight off!

  11. i lied dropped 9 pounds

  12. i know it was all water weight, im drinking like gallons a day so its cool

    Sunday- Cardio and ABS

    I'm getting ABS this summer, and I dont care what it takes

  13. How are dosing your stack? 2 weeks on 2 off? or are you staying on it?

  14. Hows the stack going so far brother

  15. nothing huh? Where you at Mase?

  16. My bad guys been working like crazy, Still on it Its great!

    I sweat so much at the gym yesterday I wore a sweatshirt.. wowow, instant sweat

  17. Deff highly recommended this stack, Ill weight myself later today

    Also My androhard and androlean came in!


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