cutting help

  1. cutting help

    i have been cutting for almost 2 weeks lost aout 4 lbs mabey 5 so far nd i have gotten a new job working in a warehouse/construction cuz im 18 nd get good money as a summer job about 13$ an hour nd im up at 545 so when 4pm hits nd i get home drink like 20oz of coffe b4 a workout with about 2 tbs of fat free french vanilla cremer has 35 calories for 1 tbs is the bad for a cutting cycle or no nd o 2 packs splenda nd its regular coffe not like cappacino bull**** lol

  2. I suggest that you use "." a little more often, makes it aloter easier to read and understand, specially for us foreign people

    If the fat free french vanilla cremer makes you go over your body's kCal need, then yes... Everything that makes you go over the limit would work against you in weight losing point-of-view. It doesn't matter if it's Fat, Carbs or Proteins as long as you eating more then your body burn...

    Sweeterns is a good way of getting something sweet into the food without adding any extra kCals. I use it in my coffee and can't imagine drinking coffee without it!

    Write abit more about your daily intakes..

  3. Yes, what are you eating all day?

  4. morning 5-6 egg whites a few blueberrys and either a greek yogurt or oatmeal usually greek yogurt cuz im in a rush
    snack - can of tuna and some cottage chesse
    lunch - chickena nd a slada or fish and salda and green beans i use spray salad dressing which is 10 calories
    around 4- 2 piece talapia or chicken breast with vegtables
    post workout - protien shake
    dinner fish and vegtables or chicken and vegtables
    b4 bed- cottage chesse

  5. For your bodyweight and age that is not enough calories. You need more good fats like natural peanut butter and some almonds if your intent on staying low carb, but if not include some good complex carbs with each meal. Brown rice, quinoa, red potatos, oats,
    and things will give you good energy. I would also eat whole eggs at least 2-3 and the rest whites. how much weight training, and cardio are you doing? What vitamins, supplements are you taking?

  6. lift 4-5days a week cardio 4 and like speed and agility work 3 days for football ... pink magic ..oxp..and protien and glutamine ammino acids..multi ..cla oil ..glucosimine ...vitamine c

  7. Word...

  8. so dose tht sound good?


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