CKD ---> TKD (Ketodiet problems)

  1. CKD ---> TKD (Ketodiet problems)

    First of all: Nice forum! My first post here. Been on several other forums in my Country, Norway. So sorry if there is som miss spelling

    It seems like the knowlegde here is very good!

    My weight: 105 kg (231 lbs?)
    My height: 190cm
    BF% showed 14% in a "inbody machine test"

    Ok, 3 years ago i did a CKD diet with very good results, I can post a picture from that time (don't mind the black circle over my head, i posted that on a forum 3 years ago- and dont find the original)

    Im doing the same diet right now, and have been doing it for almost 6 weeks now. 4 weeks ckd (5,5 keto days (sun-fri), 1,5 day carbing up (half fri-sat)- workout half my body mondag and the rest tuesday, cardio 1 hour wed,thu, deplition workout friday before I carbing up.

    My last 2 weeks i had going over to TKD, because of more "freedom" in my trainingdays where I use a 3 split, and 30-40g Maltodextrine pre-workout, and 40g whey only shake post workout.
    My diet is the same as CKD, but I put inn Maltodextrine 30min before my workout, and my whey after. Everything is the same.

    Im not feeling THAT flat during the week either, which is good. And im stronger.
    My carbing up after my deplition workout is less carbohydrates an a regular ckd, since i have a little carbs before my workout.

    My timing with my prot/fat food is 2 hours minimum before workout, and 1 hour minimum after my whey shake.


    My "problem" is that im feeling my weight loss is so slow this time.
    Gone from 107 kg to 105 kg in 6 weeks??

    Im eating 5 meals a day like I did last time:
    30g protein/40g fat x 5 = 150g Protein/200g fat = 2400 calories
    Eating 500g broccoli a day, spread out the day
    Lean meat, olive oil, salmon, eggs, etc. Stay away from realy bad fat meat...

    I just wonder: Im on a medication this time, its bipolar drug called quetiapine
    google it, since i connot post url's...

    One of the side effect is weight gain. But regular peoples are eating crap anyway. But i wonder if there is something happening with the metabolism in my body with this drug- because it feels like that. Last time I droppt 3 kg my first week, and almost 1 kilo a week after this...

    I read something about drugs like this, and it affected the areas of the brain who controlled metabolism, and almost shut it down- and thats why alot of peoples gained weight...

    Does someone in here know anything about this?

    Im writing alot here :P
    I have had a 2 months vacation these 2 last months, and I enjoy sleeping. Som my effective "awake time" is less then it had been when I had been going to work.

    Does my body burn less calories now, and thats my answer?

    Im awake 12-13 hours now, instead of 17 hours...

    Im putting out 2 pictures from my last ckd diet, and coming later with some pictures from me now and 6 weeks ago... Not the same progress.

    In the picture its me after 2,5 months, and before (chubby teddy)
    and 1 picture after a little carbs :P
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  2. Sorry if i posted this the wrong place, moderators- please move to the right place if it is.

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    Your diet looks good to me, man. If you've done it before successfully, there shouldn't be any reason to change anything other than manipulating calories to adjust for your overall weight (if you weigh more or less than the first time you ran it).

    I don't know anything about that drug, but it certainly could be a culprit. I'd do as much research as you can on it and possibly even speak to your doctor or an endocrinologist about it and ask if they know if that's possible. And if so, is there an alternative drug you can use instead.

    Best of luck in your goals, man!
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  4. way more protein less fat. 150g supporting 230 is a recipe for muscle wasting in keto carb ups fluctuate water levels so u might be retaining more than u think. are your carb ups binge days or actual refeeds?

  5. I weigh 235 now, and around the same BF percentage. I do a diet similiar to Keto. I do one refeed day. I was taking in 325 to 355 gm of protein a day. I took in around 100 gm of fat or so each day. I trained 6 days a week and did cardio 6 days a week. My refeed day was one cheat meal, and the rest good complex carbs.

  6. Your one brave bodybuilder taking quetiapine and diving into ketosis which makes my mood very dark on a good day. The upfeed saved my sanity. Dump the Maltodextrin (splenda sugar spike - can monitor with blood sugar test kit). Eat an apple and or pear instead. Freeze the salmon, then brine it into Lox and eat 1/4lb raw. Cycle in steak very slowly like the salmon except rub in rosemary, thyme and garlic (or whatever spice you like). When you finally get up to 1/4lb raw steak you will feel like you ate a whole cow. Egg whites only (egg-beaters or something similar).

    Cut way down on the Fat (no saturated of course). Carbs on the up feed only. On other days limit to no more than about 200 calories (thats two taco wraps) max.

    If you over do it with the Acetone you will know pretty quick and upfeed to get out of the physical and mental death spiral as fast as possible. I'm always Hypoglycemic when that happens so a little sugar (Maltodextrin) at that time should actually help.

    I think roid rage may have been more about the Acetone (becoming sensitized unexpectedly by an unknown pathway) than the roids.

    Use 50% skim milk in the protien shake. Take fiber and lots of water.

    This is a hybrid of Dukins, Tetas and the Paleo Diet.
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