ECA questions

  1. ECA questions

    Hey everyone, I'm getting ready to start a cycle of ECA. I started my diet a couple of weeks ago and have just been ramping up to consuming 200 mg of caffeine 3x a day. I have now been at 600 mg/day for a few days and will a do a few more before adding 12.5 mg ephedrine (bronkaid) 3x a day--working up to 25mg 3x day. I plan to run that for a month and then, at some point, do a month of albuterol. My questions are: What do I do after the ECA cycle but before the albuterol? How long should I take off? Should I take some benadryl during the off period, during the on period or both? etc. I plan to diet for about 3 months. (I started the diet at 5'9'' 200lbs and about 20% and would like to get to 10-12% before starting to bulk during the winter.)

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    What do I do after the ECA cycle but before the albuterol?
    Take atleast a month off and take a few stimulants as possible. Also, you need to drop your caffeine dosage when not taking E. No point in consuming that much for that period of time. You are asking for withdrawal headaches.

    Also, how much water are you consuming?

  3. It also helps to take 2 caps or so of benadryl before bed when your cycling off of ECA or clen

  4. Part of the reason I wanted to do the ECA first was to sort of prepare myself for the Albuterol since I seem to be pretty sensitive to stimulants. From what Bike says, it sounds like that might not be the best plan. I know I need to up-regulate the beta receptors, but if I take a month off from all stimulants and then try the Albuterol am I going to feel twacked out?

    Also, I put a gallon of water in the fringe every night and make sure it is gone by the next night. That in addition to whatever water I drink on the go adds up to about 1 1/2 gallons a day I suppose.

    Lastly, does caffeine hit the beta receptors?

  5. make sure your getting your protein in. ECA had a HUGE impact on my appetite and i lost way too much muscle. But i guess if your goal is just to strip away fat then disregard this.

  6. yea im setting my ECY Stack this week all coming in the mail., So excited!

  7. My macros are 250 P, 187 C, and 83 F for 2500 cal. I think that is good enough protein wise. Feel free to comment though.


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