Want to finally fill up the loose skin after Gyno Surgery...

  1. Want to finally fill up the loose skin after Gyno Surgery...

    And my doc told me to wait 4 weeks before I work out again, which will be this Monday. Due to Accident I don't have a car, which means no Gym Membership or Job, but am hoping to have one sometime next week. Anyways I had a massive case of gyno and most of the swelling has seem to gone down, I don't know if waiting 4 weeks means I can go back and workout regularly or start light. I lost 85+ pounds and that's how I got the gyno + loose skin which I want to fill up. I want basically someone to help me get setup with diet/workout. I can show pics but I don't want to post them on here because before pics are embarrassing knowing what you guys look like and after pics still maybe graphic. So I'd also have to go on a cut considering in a little over a month I've gained 10-15 pounds from just sitting around doing nothing (don't know exactly how much as I don't know ho much I lost from lipo) I'm 18, 6'2" 191-194 right now, no muscle, and a lot of loose skin, how long would it take me to look somewhat normal? I basically want a shopping list for tomorrow, maybe I can get a gym membership by end of week, I won't take weekends off this time around (used to have cheat days on weekends) and I'll count two weeks left in July, hopefully losing 5-7 lbs I gained during surgery recovery, is this realistic? Was thinking of doing roids after surgery to help me, but now want to hold off as I want to fully recover and maybe then not even try because I'll probably get everyone of the side effects.

  2. Contact bobo for diet\training consultation - you will not regret it (that is if you are willing to go hardcore).

  3. I'm 18 and can't afford him

  4. What is your body fat percentage? I have talked to this guy before and he is dedicated, he just aint got no money. (damn that was some bad english)

  5. Hmmm?? having been back and forth over this issue myself in the last decade of my life.....loseing a HUGE amount of weight, than gaining, and now finally loseing again...I worried when I broke my foot and had surgery, although I did gain some, I know that muscle has memory ( thank god) and I am working hard to get where I was......My advice..... CAn you walk? if so start with that? walk for 20 mins 3-5 times a week, guessing from surgery you cant do any ab work, so forget that.......But really go out and buy some light dumb bells, do a "gym" work out at home......Anything at this point, is something.......so although you may not see results right away, give it time, your body is healing ( a hard thing to remember as I had to remember that and I only had foot surgery)........
    Looks like you have a sample diet...and well good luck

  6. if you can't afford bobo's advice, you most definately cant afford a complete cycle of roids, and to be quite honest, YOU aren't ready for roids.

    to me, you sound like a lazy ass. your looking for an easy way to a good body, liposuction...roids...why not try dieting and running. And don't start saying you couldnt do it b/c you were too out of shape, thats just not the case.

  7. JONES25, I'll diet you for nothin, iv'e corrently got 4 dudes just like you that i'm looking after. its a hobbie of mine, and i don't need the money.

  8. The first step you have taken.. asking for help.. the next steps have to be yours.. There is not one of us here that can do the work in the gym for you and help you get where you want to be. There isn't any magic pill that will get you there either.. I know how much work it can be and is.. I just had surgery in December of a degerated disc and I couldn't do much except eat and now I am paying for it with the pain of having to really kick it diet wise and hitting the cardio. Now you have to get your mind focused on the task ahead and I mean really set your mind to it.. and you can do it..

  9. Quote Originally Posted by porch monkey
    JONES25, I'll diet you for nothin, iv'e corrently got 4 dudes just like you that i'm looking after. its a hobbie of mine, and i don't need the money.
    There you go, take his offer

  10. Just curious, but what kind of scarring are you looking at with gyno surgery?


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