The Official Hypothyroidism Thread

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  1. Thanks for the tip.

    I think was over doing it with the Vitamin D per my blood test and I read too much Vitamin D will leave you low on Magnesium. I Just started taking Magnesium and report if things get better.

    If I can't get a higher dose from my docs I may just order research Chem T4

  2. I would add in Vitamin K2. Vitamin D levels will cause the body to hold more calcium in places you would not want to hold it. Instead of bone and teeth the calcium could end up in arteries and soft tissue, not a good thing. Vitamin K2 with Vitamin D will direct the calcium to teeth and bones where it belongs.

    The protocol in the link requires dosing T3. Without knowing your lab numbers for RT3, dosing T4 could make the problem worse.

    T4 has two pathways T3 and RT3 (as stated in article). So by giving yourself the 'raw material' of T4, you could be just feeding the dysfunction.

    It would be worthwhile to figure out your ferritin and iron levels. Check out this page and poke around the site a bit.

    And be careful with research chemicals. Thyroid meds are measured in MCG. Liquid solutions can settle and if you catch a portion of the solution that is stronger than what is listed you could really mess yourself up.



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