eating at a deficit, gaining weight?

  1. eating at a deficit, gaining weight?


    The only change is ended a lean xtreme run and started creatine. Lost 8lbs over 5 weeks, stopped taking lean xtreme, added creatine and now I have gained 3 pounds back in a week.

    Still eating 1700cals/day

    All I can think is water weight from stopping lean X and adding creatine?


  2. Yes, the creatine could certainly add it. I would recommend creatine nitrate, it really doesn't have the water weight pitfalls of older creatines.

    Aside from that, have you figured out your maintenance calorie level? Your diet may need more tweaking. Also, make sure to throw in some High Intensity Interval Training a few days a week to really kick start the fat loss.

  3. For the 5 weeks I was losing about 1.8lbs a week so I know my cal's are spot on. I use and weight/measure everything and basically eat the same group of stuff so I know that didnt change. I was making great progress until I stopped lx and added CellMass (creatine). Now the weight has gone up!

    I lift 5x a week and cardio 3x a week. Like I said, no changes cept no more LX and added Cellmass post lifting.

    I take pictures since I have found they are more honest than a scale and all still looks good but it was just odd that I bounced from 172.4 to 175.6 in a week.

  4. water is heavy, supplemented creatine will hold more water in the mucles

  5. Just casting a vote for whats been posted.
    Water is heavy. Creatine makes the body hold water between muscle tissue. Reviewing what you've told us it sounds like water weight.

  6. It could just be a simple matter of when you weigh yourself. I fluctuate 3lbs throughout the day. It all depends on when I eat (I eat a sh!tload), poo, pee, etc.

  7. That's another matter. all in all dont let the scale **** with your head if its only a matter of like 3 pounds.

  8. yeah it seemed to level off.. I always weigh in the morning and it looks like I stabilized at +3 so its probably water weight. the GF says I look leaner than last week so I'll go with that.

  9. Factoid: Did you know that for every 1 gram of carb, your body retains 5 grams of water.... i think this is right hahaha =D

  10. Did you add the creatine to put on more muscle? Are you now in a muscle building routine? I think weight loss requires catabolism (which burns some muscle), whereas muscle building requires anabolism (which burns some fat). So, if you were catabolic, you lost fat and some muscle, which is included in your lower weight. Now that you are adding in the creatine (which suggests greater emphasis on muscle building and promoting an anabolic environment), your body would use the protein available in your diet to repair the muscles (assuming calories were sufficient to maintain that mass) and make them bigger and stronger, due to the more anabolic environment provided by the creatine and enhanced intensity with the weights. So, long story short, my thought is that you gained back some of the muscle you lost, including the water, which explains why your girlfriend said you look leaner. Either way, great job on the weight loss, and don't get discouraged by 3 lousy, invisible pounds!

  11. yeah bud... no more calorie deficit for me! but it was weird I was on the last week of calorie deficit when I started creatine, increased intensity.. I was thinking last week - push hard! and then increase cal's and such...

    like you said... invisible 3lbs. it took a few days to get over it! not sweating it now!

  12. Your body can very in weight each day for many reasons which is a main reason why i rely more on the mirror, (mirror doesnt lie) its very possible that it is just that, water weight. I wouldn't worry about it at all if you look leaner and look good in the mirror go with it the scale will judge progress mathmatically but it doesnt do a damn thing for how you look and thats what everyone goes for.


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