Albuterol dosage

  1. Albuterol dosage

    What would be a good dosage for liquid albuterol? I have only run clen and I am getting my hands on some albuterol. Thanks.

  2. Here's how I dose it. I start off with 6mg in the morning then 6mg in the afternoon before workout. Then after a couple of days when I get used to it I jump up the dose to 12mg in the morning but I keep the afternoon dose at 6mg so it doesn't mess with sleep or over do it for my workout. If you can handle the sides then up the afternoon dose too.

  3. btw I supplement with taurine and potassium. When you get higher doses it will make you cramp a little.

  4. Thanks. I will start the dosing at 12mg a day then go up from there. I am skeptical on the albuterol from PP. I think the only way for me to see if its the real stuff is the cramping. If I get some muscle cramps, its good to go.

  5. You should get some shakes like you do with clen but not as severe and they go away after a couple of hours because of albuterol's short half life.

    I'm not familiar with PP but I do know CEM Products albuterol works well.

  6. PP's clen and albuterol are very cheap prices. At this cheap price I am just questioning that it is actual clen or albuterol. I will let u know this week if I feel the shakes and cramping...........

  7. Any updates?

  8. I've never ran albuterol before just clen and an eca stack. So i'm interested in an update as well.

  9. I decided on running the liquid clen from PP. About a week into it and using about 100-150mcg a day, 3/4 of the dropper. Getting the shakes, and down about 2 lbs.


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