Summer Cutting Cycle?

  1. Summer Cutting Cycle?

    plan to run 6 weeks of

    test Prop - 75mg EOD (300mg a week)
    Clen 60-120 (2 weeks on off ECA combo)
    T3 - week 2-5 at 25 -75 mgs.
    have arimidex on hand.

    PCT clomid/nolva combo.

    ran this last summer had great results.

    Is it too soon to run another (short) cycle. I finished a 12 week bulking cycle in dec. Pct finished end of jan. Also did 6 week cutting cycle ending last july. so this will be 3rd cycle in a year, all spaced out accordingly

    other then that, How does this look. should i add some winny, or maybe Var (if can afford). Thoughts opinions?

    Also diet is in check, 30 -40 minutes cardio 4-5 mornings a week, lift 4 days a week. I am careful not to over train as well, especially with T3 in the mix.

  2. stats: i am 27, 5'10, 190 and about 12% BF

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