I just finished a four month bout of CKD and lost a lot of size due to coming down with an intestinal parasite. I want to lose fat, but I'd rather keep my bulk even though I know much of it is bodyfat and glycogen. I'm currently doing the Anabolic cycle while running Recompadrol and Phreak, so i'm pretty buck doing a keto bulk during the week, and then all weekend eating complex carbs. I've been on it one week, and I'm up just about 9-10lbs already, although I know much of it is glycogen and water, but not all.
So, i've always had trouble getting rid of upper arm (rear delt, upper tricep) fat, and that patch of belly fat under and around my belly button. Right now i'm at about 13-14%bodyfat. I'd like to get down to 11% or so, but whenever I do keto, and I start to get close to going under 13%bodyfat, I get really weak, gaunt looking, and light headed. I've ran Clen and ECA stacks throughout CKD, but I run around alot for a living and I need better energy, and CKD just wasn't cutting it. Would running the anabolic diet all summer help me achieve my goal of dropping 2-3%bodyfat whle maybe, maybe gaining a small amount of muscle? Any recommendations?