Hello everyone,

I just ordered Lean FX, and I am waiting for it to come in the mail. I have some questions about dosage and schedule, I am just afraid to screw anything up, and to watch out for anything or make sure I don't do anything wrong in this process. Basically, I am new to using supplements of any kind. The most I have done is taken protein after work outs. Right now I am 5'11" 177 lbs. and 23 years old. I have been progressively gaining weight and not the good kind, and feeling crappy and out of shape. I started a few weeks ago getting back in to the gym and doing about 2 miles a day on the elliptical. Then I went away and then family emergency and to cut to the chase basically got out of the routine. Finally I can start getting back on track, and talked to my friend who has used Lean FX before and spoke very highly of it. I have been reading all over the place about different dosages and following a schedule and everything I have been reading people seem to have a much steady work schedule or don't work lol. I work Monday - Friday 9-5, I typically wake up around 6:30 and go in to work early. Would anyone be nice enough to help me make a schedule and the proper dosage to achieve some nice results? I want to shoot for losing about 15 lbs of fat and work on getting cut more then anything. I want to build muscle but I want to get cut more so then anything.

Should I get more then just the Lean FX? Are there any foods or drinks I should avoid that could make me feel sick or have and side effects? I am very sorry for the nieve questions here, bare with me I am an absolute beginner and I am trying to learn all of the terminology and basics, but also don't want to self teach myself incorrectly, so any guidance is greatly appreciated. So far every thread I have read, everyone here seems to be very knowledgeable and willing to help.. so thank you all in advance!