DGAT Inhibitors

  1. DGAT Inhibitors

    My Salvia M. literally "melted" in it's container from trace moisture so it's worthless now.

    An old thread suggested that Black Pepper Extract, Corosolic acid, and Urosolic acid can all work as DGAT inhibitors but I'm struggling to find research that confirms this.

    I came across a few studies (one regarding DHA, TTA, and EPA that was particularly interesting) suggesting EPA (Eicosapentaenoic Acid -- an Omega-3 FA) may inhibit DGAT activity as well, and that algae extracts are particularly rich regarding EPA.

    Other studies for future DGAT-inhibitors don't disclose the compound utilized -- especially ones aiming to create a new drug for sale.

    Does anyone have any input supporting/refuting/regarding given compounds or supplements functioning as DGAT inhibitors?


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