I've been doing CKD now for almost five months. I'm just about a few pounds away from my goal weight of 180lbs, 10-11%bodyfat. I started around 228lbs and now i'm down to 185 give or take a few lbs. I've gotten this low last summer but I did not maintain it because I didn't discipline myself. Now, my plan is to go another week or two in keto and then for my next and last keto carb up to take Phreak, which is an Hdrol and Mdrol clone, with Recompadrol for a week straight, eating around maintenance or below and only clean carbs. Then i'm going to cycle the carbs, so for instance go 3 days without carbs, carb up and finish the weeks out with clean carbs. I plan on taking the Phreak and Recompadrol for 3 weeks or so, and then use Slin Sane and Recompadrol on and off for the rest of the summer. I will be using proper cycle support and PCT. How does that sound?