protein bars

  1. protein bars

    anyone know of any decent low carb protein bars? I have been looking at Labrada's low carb bars and they seem to be good. Also what is the skinny on sugar alcohols?

  2. They are not a very good source of nutrition. Eat them as a last resort.

    Some sugar alcohols have a laxative effect on some people.

    If you must have them, just get the ones that you enjoy, and don't eat them all the time. Real food is much better for you.

  3. Throw a protein shake in a blender with oats, pour it into a shaker cup and take it with you, much better alternative than the bars. Many bars also use gelatin as a protein source.

  4. go with the shake, the bars are expensive, worthelss, and taste horrible usually.

  5. Thanks for the info guys. However, to clarify, i should be eating the old fashioned oats and not the instant kind, correct?

  6. Correct on the oats. I grind a 1/2 cup in a coffee bean grinder and mix it in my PW shake.

    I have some PowerBars that I eat only if there's nothing else, or if I need something quick after my workout and a shake is not in the cards. I bought a case several months ago, and still have some left, so it's rare that I eat them. I actually like the regular Powerbars, chocolate, peanut butter, and vanilla crisp all taste good, just not the best thing for you.


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